Phase III Accelerator

Is your company ready for the next step with the DoD? We can help.

Our virtual accelerator is the only one of its kind designed to deliver you across the valley of death and land you a sole-source contract with the Department of Defense (DoD). Over a six-month period, we will help you set goals, create a strategy, identify and contact possible customers, introduce you to strategic partners, sell to the government, and put you on the path for a successful Phase III award.

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Our Features

Why Choose Us?

Personalized BD Strategy

Our expert team will evaluate your value prop and provide a personalized strategy to have the highest likelihood of success. 

Keynotes from DoD & Industry VIP's

Hear from VIP's from the Air Force, Space Force, Navy, industry, and more that can assist you in your journey!

Training on Custom Platform

Selling to the DoD is difficult. Our self paced training courses are designed to guide you through these challenges.

Meetings with End Users

Assistance setting up and delivering on meeting with potential end users for your tech. 

Contract Advising Team

An expert contracting team to design, build, and execute the right contract type for your Phase III strategy.

Learn from Strategic Partners

Meet with and learn from industry partners who can be of assistance in your path to a Phase III. 

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Interested in learning more?

Come to our webinar!

If you want to learn more about Trilogy Accelerator, the journey of acquiring a Phase III, a contract with the federal government, and if this program is a good fit for your small business, register for our Sept 2 webinar!

If the timing of our webinar doesn't work for you please feel free to book a one-on-one meeting with us to discuss further.